About us

In 2002 the management of this corporation created an e-commerce jewelry website. Their focus at that time was to create a small boutique type jewelry site designed to create a statement of Spirituality, Love, and Devotion. That intent still holds true today. When the principal creator of this site, Peter Lewis lost his wife- suddenly and tragically - it struck him he did not have a tangible way of remembering her . He had no way to commemorate the wonderful ,private beauty of their relationship, or to bear witness to the life they shared. This inspired him to create " Wings of Remembrance " , a powerful and poetic line of jewelry that helped him cope with her loss. As people inquired about the meaning of this line of jewelry, he quickly discovered that many suffered similar losses and a need to reconnect with their loved ones. No cost has been compromised or spared in bringing this line of fine line of Jewelry for your viewing and purchasing pleasure . We hope you enjoy this site as much as we have creating it just for you . .